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Are You Ready To Embrace And Unfold Your
Full Intuitive Power?

This is an in-depth intuition course designed for heart-led online coaches, holistic service providers and spiritual seekers who are ready to go all in with their YOU-nique intuitive gifts, to fully embrace and remember their innate super powers and know deeply that they are designed to bring more light to this planet.

This is for the person who is ready to….

  • ➺ Master the art of their highly individual and YOU-nique intutive abilities in their professional and private life

  • ➺ Amplify their day-to-day intuitive insights and activate more of their clairsenses and psychic gifts

  • ➺ Align more with the rhythms of nature and the entire cosmos

  • ➺ Relax into their most powerful and truthful selves, whilst undoing all of the ‘mind-madness’

  • ➺ Move through their day with grace and ease, whilst being able to tap into the wisdom of their intution anytime and anywhere  

  • ➺ Lead a heart-centred life, living from an overall energy of magic, abundance and BEINGness 

  • ➺ Weave more creativity, playfulness and fun into their life and being moved by their souls purpose in this lifetime

Selfdiscovery Jouney

Do you ever find yourself….

….second-guessing your decisions? Maybe you hesitate to launch a new coaching program or doubt your healing methods. 

… feeling overwhelmed by stress and struggles? Perhaps you’re busy life, trying to juggle too much or strong emotions are making you feel drained, trying to do all the things. 

… replaying the day’s events in your head and worrying? Maybe you over analyze client interactions or spend hours planning sessions, taking up all of your valuable time. 

… seeking external validation or advice from others because you don’t have the deep inner confidence or trust in your inner voice? Perhaps you constantly need others to affirm your worthiness or greatness or frequently consult others before making decisions.

… holding back due to fear of failure or rejection? Maybe you’re afraid to introduce new techniques that you feel might be too far out there or hesitant to market your services because of your ‘witch wound’.

… getting a gut feeling but hesitate to act? Perhaps you doubt exploring a new path or fear trying a different approach with a client, because rationally it just doesn’t make sense.

If this sounds like you then you’re not alone. 

Many of my clients worldwide have felt this way too… 

… and were able to overcome these patterns in no time. 

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Course Curriculum

Unleash and Amplify Your Intuitive Powers

Embrace your unique clairsenses and intuitive gifts, bringing more magic into your life and those around you. Effortlessly receive insights and navigate decisions with clarity, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

Harness Your Inner Wisdom for Daily Success

Tap into your intuitive gifts to confidently navigate daily challenges and seize opportunities, enhancing both your personal and professional life with deep, inner wisdom.

Unleash Your Confidence and Shine Brightly

Embrace and trust your intuition, empowering you to share your unique gifts with confidence in both your professional and personal life. Step into the world with boldness and authenticity, allowing your true self to shine brightly and inspire those around you.

Boldly Step Into Your Life Purpose

Gain clarity on your life purpose and confidently step into your role as a beacon of light and inspiration. By simply being yourself, become a radiant star, guiding and inspiring others to achieve their best.

Stay Connected to Your Inner GPS

Stay in alignment with your inner guidance system, enabling you to know when and when not to take action in your business and everyday life. Navigate your path with confidence, ensuring each decision moves you in the right direction.

Read Energies and Make Confident Decisions

Learn to tune into any situation and determine what’s right for you, your clients, and your loved ones. Say goodbye to analysis paralysis and endless online searches, making confident decisions with ease and assurance.

Master Your Mind and Overcome Fear

Gain practical, tested approaches to quiet an overactive mind, overcome self-doubt, and break free from self-limiting beliefs and fear. Find deep inner peace and fulfillment, leading to both inner and outer success.

Gain Clarity and Transform Overthinking

Replace overthinking with a profound sense of intuitive knowing. Achieve clarity in life by transforming mental clutter into deep, intuitive understanding, enhancing your ability to make sound decisions with ease.

Create Inner Peace and Sacred Space

Eliminate stress, strain, and hustle by cultivating a serene, sacred space within yourself. Experience a sense of inner peace, trust, and comfort wherever you go, enhancing your overall well-being.

Flow with Life and Divine Guidance

Let go of the need to control, love yourself wholeheartedly and embrace the natural flow of life. Trust in the divine guidance that carries you, allowing you to enjoy life more fully and effortlessly.

What's included

Eight Live Group Coaching Calls

Connect with like-minded souls in an intimate group (max. 8 participants), including a full moon ceremony.

Intuition Trainings

Enhance your inner wisdom and unique intuitive gifts, with personalised trainings.

Frequency attunments

Perform and deepen your energy work to remove old blocks and transform your shadows into light.

Meditations & activations

Enjoy repeatable meditations & activations to maintain a positive state of mind and to empower your intuitive everyday actions.

Private Telegram Group

Receive 24/7 support, share wins, and get your questions answered.

Lifetime access

Rewatch course materials anytime and receive updates at no extra cost.

Dates: August / September

Format: Online (via Zoom & Telegram) – in a small intimate group of max. 8 ppl. 


Regular Price: CHF 555 per month

(includes one BONUS intuitive 1:1 session – worth CHF 350!)

Early Bird Price (until July 30th): CHF 444 per month

(includes one BONUS intuitive 1:1 session – worth CHF 350!)

Embrace the present Moment Now.


Every journey begins with a single step. Take that step today and see for yourself what magic is waiting to unfold. 

This sounds fantastic. I’m in.

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