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《 Spiritual Journey to India 》

2 March @ 4:00 pm - 10 March @ 4:00 pm India

Join me on this once in a lifetime experience to explore and discover parts of the magical, mystical land of India and dive deep into the greatness and limitlessness of yourself. 

Step into India’s breathtaking magic, ancient wisdom and sacred spirituality with meditation, Ayurveda, yoga and so much more.

This journey will inspire you to obtain more optimal health and peace of mind, in a natural and long lasting way. This will enable you to live more in alignment with your unique and beautiful self, whilst simultaneously embracing more of your gifts, strengths and talents.



This is for you if you…

  • Desire to dive into, experience & learn about the magical, mystical, indescribable life in India. 
  • Want to visit the world heritage site of the breathtakingly stunning Taj Mahal, the iconic monument of eternal love.
  • Are curious to explore Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, set against the backdrop of the Himalayas, with the pristine holy Ganga river flowing through it.
  • Wish to visit the famous charming ruins of the Beatles ashram, with its stunning graffiti artwork, nested just next to the Rajaji National Park of Uttarakhand.
  • Want to enjoy delicious, tasty, home cooked, traditional Indian food as well as fresh, really delicious, Ayurvedic dishes.
  • Wish to dip in the holy Ganges river and get blessed by its fresh mountain waters.
  • Are curious to visit impressive lively temples of different Indian faiths and experience some of the everyday rites and rituals taking place in them.
  • Are excited to go on a mystical morning trek watching the sunrise over the stunning Himalayan mountain range.
  • Wish to step out of your everyday life and reestablish new healthy holistic routines and approaches, which can set you up to bring forth a higher, more evolved version of yourself. 
  • Want to experience a sacred adventure in a foreign culture and land, alongside other open-hearted, fun loving and like minded people.


Taj Mahal


Joining this retreat will enable you to…

  • Learn or deepen your daily meditation practice so that you can find more inner peace and feel more connected to what is really important to you in life. 
  • Calm your mind and practice being more present, so that you can learn to glide through stressful situations with a smile on your face.
  • Feel more alive, revitalised and connected to your body, enabeling you to put your authentic self more out there in the world and reach for your dreams.
  • Learn about & experience everyday Ayurveda so that you gain more insight about what is your unique path to optimal health. 
  • Find out more about yogic living & philosophy, enabling you to understand more deeply the unlimited energy that is available to you at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of your being.    
  • Gently explore Indian culture and spirituality, allowing  you to gather wisdom and insight from seeing various different ways of approaching and living life. 
  • Receive personal intuitive guidance from Barbara in multiple areas of your life, supporting you to live more in alignment with your most inner truth. 
  • Reconnect with more of your intuitive knowing, reminding you that you can fully trust yourself and the journey that you are on. 
  • Reestablish or deepen the connection of self love and appreciation for yourself so you know when to set clear and healthy boundaries and when to unwaveringly just follow your heart. 
  • Expand into the infinity of your own self, so you can learn to navigate both the spiritual and physical worlds simultaneously with more ease. 
  • Harness more of your (dormant) strengths so you can live your life on your own terms and become the hero/ heroine of your own story.


Daily schedule

  • Meditation & yoga (Yoga for days in Rishikesh – see sample schedule)
  • Vegan / vegetarian fresh, Indian food, (certain meals will be Ayurvedic)
  • Walks & excursions 
  • Daily classes on selected topics such as: 

Meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing), Ayurveda, mantra, yoga philosophy & lifestyle, hinduism, mindfulness, intuitive living, personal development, your life purpose, astrology, energy healing & aromatherapy

India Retreat Program


Further Information


It is possible to shorten the retreat to 7 days (excluding the visit to the Taj Mahal) or to extend it. Options to extend might include doing a certified sound healing course (either 1, 3 or 5 days) or joining the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh. 


The week will enable  you to explore a variation of different types of meditation such as guided meditation, breath meditation, nature meditation, energy healing meditation, mantra meditation, silent meditation, yoga nidra or walking meditation. People of all skill levels are warmly welcome. 


The Yoga classes will be Kundalini and Hatha Yoga based. People of all skill levels are warmly welcome. 


This retreat offers vegetarian / vegan food. One daily meal of fresh, tasty, Indian (at times Ayurvedic) is included in the price. If you have any dietary restrictions please contact me in advance.


We will be spending our nights in simple, clean and comfortable accommodation. See links below for more details.


The retreat will be held in English (and German). 

What’s included

  • Daily meditation &  yoga sessions, philosophy and theory classes
  • Daily excursions and entrance fees
  • Daily one healthy fresh delicious plant-based Indian meal
  • Transportation from Delhi to Agra to Rishikesh
  • Personal guidance by Barbara
  • 8 nights accommodation

What’s not included

  • Personal souvenirs and other expenses
  • Additional meals (cost is usually CHF 1- 5 for a healthy filling meal)
  • Additional sessions (massages, astrology readings, healing sessions, ayurvedic doctors consultations) 
  • Travel insurance and cancellation
  • Flight 

How to get there 

Please book your flight to arrive at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. If you wish for any assistance do not hesitate to contact email my father, who has a travel agency and would be more than happy to support you.

Cancellation Policy

A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price. The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled. The rest of the payment should be paid 14  days before arrival.


Single Room Accommodation: Early Bird (until end of November) CHF 1555, regular CHF 1777

Double Room Accommodation: Early Bird (until end of November) CHF 1222, regular CHF 1444

Payment plans available. 

About Barbara

Barbara started travelling solo, in Asia as from the Age of 16 and hasn’t stopped since. She visited India first 18 years ago and over the past 10 years has been returning almost yearly for several months, to teach, work, study and immerse herself into the magic of the land. Not only does she have a vast amount of experience in guiding people in general in their lives, but also has a great understanding of how to smoothly introduce them into a very foreign country such as India.  Find out more about Barbara here.


To register please contact me in whatever way suits you.