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What is energy healing, how does it work, where does it come from, what does an energy healer do and what are the benefits of energy healing? These are the questions I will answer in this post. Last but not least I wish to share a bit about my personal story in regards to energy healing with you.


Energy healing principles have been studied and used by ancient traditions for thousands of years. The ancient Japanese culture of energy healing is called Reiki and used the hands to activate the natural healing flow of energy in the body. In the ancient Indian cultures the people worked on the energy channels called ‘nadis’, the energy centres called ‘chakras’, and kept the body healthy with Yoga and Ayurveda. The ancient Chinese studied the energy superhighways in the body, called ‘meridians’ and developed systems with specific points (used today in acupuncture) in the body to keep all it’s functions balanced. The techniques and the effectiveness of all of these and many other traditional energy healing systems is being used and appreciated up to this present day.

Staying healthy versus treating illness

Although the various traditions all used different systems, there are many parallels between them and they all have the aim to activate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself by releasing energetic blocs in the body’s energy system.These ancient cultures targeted at KEEPING the body healthy (body in a state of ease) rather than TREATING an illness (body in a state of dis-ease).


Everything is made up of energy in this universe. We know from physics that objects are nothing but an accumulation of atoms vibrating at a certain frequency. But also thoughts and emotions, for example, have their own frequency and quantum physics is constantly coming closer to explaining this topic. Uplifting thoughts and feelings have a higher vibration whereas destructive ones have a lower vibration. In energy healing we asses these different vibrations in order to reestablish a balanced state of the body, the emotions, the mind and the soul. Our bodies are made up of a number of different dimensions. The one that we refer to most is the physical dimension. It is however by far not the only one, as there are a number of different energetic dimensions (such as the intellect, the emotions, the aura, the chakras, the meridians, the nadis etc.). All bodies (physical and energetic) are interconnected and have a strong influence on one another. Due to the intrinsic connection between the various dimensions of the body, negative thought patterns or emotions can have an lasting impact on the body.

Thoughts and Emotions can create Illness

To better explain this, let us take the example of feeling worried or fearful about something. If these emotions are (consciously or unconsciously) repeated over a period of time, they will eventually alter the energetic vibration of the physical body’s cells. Normally the body can cope with this and naturally balances things out (transforming negative into positive). When there is a strong overload of negative emotions however (the worry or fear from our example) it cannot release this ‘toxicity’ and the cells become affected, which can be the beginning of a physical pain or disease. Energy Healing aims at counteracting this process. Energy Healing can therefore be explained as the process of clearing and harmonising any ‘unbalanced’ vibrations or blockages in the body in order for it to regulate and self-heal itself and bring it back into it’s balanced state of health.


In Energy Healing the ‘healer’ looks at the various vibrations in a persons energetic and physical body, clears and harmonises blockages or unbalanced energy and therewith assist the body to regulate and self-heal itself.

I like to compare the art of energy healing with wine tasting (an interesting analogy I know😀). If someone has never had wine before it will be very difficult for them to pick out the various tastes and flavours. Some people might be naturally talented and will soon be able to make out a wide variety of flavours. Others might have to practise a bit harder in order to distinguish between the different tastes but with practise also they can learn. The same applies for energy healing. It can either be done by a person who is born with the awareness and capability to sense these types of energy vibrations or someone who has learnt to tap into them though study and practice.


Energy Healing is for everyone and you don’t need to have ‘a problem’ before having a treatment. In fact I can highly recommend having regular energy healing sessions (e.g. once every 4-6 weeks) for your energy to be assessed and any minor energy blocks or disruptions to be nipped in the bud in order to avoid them manifesting in the physical body. Also if you are unsure if you might have food intolerances for example or you can’t make up your mind with a big decisions, then an energy healing session might be very helpful for you. I can energetically ‘look into’ the different possibilities and guide you in making the right decision or finding the answer you are seeking.Most importantly you don’t need to believe in energy healing or be spiritual in any way for it to work for you. The only precondition is for you to be open for changes to occur. Usually if we have a strong disbelief towards the whole subject, then this resistance will most probably not allow your energy to shift or blockages to clear.

Energy healing can support you in an unlimited number of areas in your life and with whatever you’re going through in the present moment. It can help you with psychological as well as physical issues such as anxiety, stress related issues, aches and pains, sleeping problems, various diseases, depression, loosing weight, addictions, low self-esteem and so forth. Further it doesn’t only need to be done face-to-face but can also be done at a distance over the phone or Skype. Energy healing can give your ease in your body, peace in your mind and strengthen you to stay true to your dreams. Find out more about what I can offer for your here.


Energy Healing is one of my greatest passions in life and already as a child I discovered my interest for this. Instead of spending my pocket money on sweets, I would save my money and go and buy crystals and spend hours studying and experimenting with their healing properties. I would love making “magical concoctions” made from flowers, roots and grasses and after having completed my children’s Reiki course (at the age of 8), I would always enjoy healing friends and family if they were injured or unwell in any way. As a Teenager I turned away from everything, as it wasn’t trendy and like so many other teens I was struggling with peer-pressure. After the age of 21 and having suffered from multiple psychological heath issues my own healing journey began and with that I started rediscovering the passions I had as a child and applied them for my own healing journey. In the following years I did a number of courses (Reiki Master, Transformational Healing, Psychic Healing, Moon Healing) and read loads of books on various subjects related to energetic healing. Only throughout those years of my life did I realise that I had the ability of sensing a type of energy, that many others didn’t. It then also made sense to me why I was never interested in drinking, drugs or smoking but got really excited about for example Qi Gong, Yoga, vegetables and health foods. I consciously and unconsciously felt the low and high vibration behind these things and intuitively knew what this would do to my overall energy system and body. Obviously I didn’t chose or want to feel everything otherwise I wouldn’t have treated my body in such an unkind way for a long time, but I guess that only through those experiences did I learn😊. For a long time I hardly spoke to anyone about how I perceived the energy behind things, as I was worried about other peoples judgements.It took me another couple of years to dare to share this openly (which has actually only been quite recently 😇). I feel very grateful that I have finally (took me 31! years😜) come the the conclusion that whatever I do in life, there will always be people who think I’m strange and I’ve decided I’m quite ok with that. I’d rather follow my passion and live a happy life rather than worry about the opinion of others.

Up to this day I am fascinated by the fact that it is possible to heal others on many levels by merely using energetic healing tools. Energy healing is an amazing tool for healing it should however not be replace conventional medicine. We are lucky enough to live in an era where we can make use of the best of both systems.If you feel like giving energy healing a go, then I would be more than happy to do a treatment for you and support you in making small or big changes in your life towards becoming a happier and healthier YOU💛.

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